How to Get Your Pickup Truck Ready for Off-Roading

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Off-roading enthusiasts who want to take their pickup truck along for the ride should make sure to follow a few tips before tackling the Acworth roads. Whether you’re taking your GMC Sierra or another vehicle for a drive in Acworth, take advantage of our tips for preparing your pickup truck for off-roading.

Tips for Going Off-Road

  • Check your clearance. A low-riding vehicle can get caught on rocks, boulders, and brush, sustaining serious damage, so make sure you’ve got enough clearance.
  • Get protection. If you plan on doing more intense off-roading, especially on rocky terrain, it’s a good idea to add skid plates to the underside of the vehicle
  • Get the right tires. Street tires are great for commuting but not for loose soil, gravel, sand, and mud. Larger off-road tires are designed to handle these conditions and can keep you from getting stuck.
  • Consider four-wheel-drive. While two-wheel drive vehicles can manage in certain off-road conditions, four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles will provide much better traction on rugged terrain.
  • Reduce your tire pressure. When you’re driving off-road, slightly deflating your tires will improve grip by allowing more rubber to connect with the road.
  • Stock up. Make sure that you have the essential equipment just in case something breaks while you’re on your adventure. Extra fuel, water, an air compressor, and basic tools can make all the difference.
  • Know your vehicle. Understand what your vehicle is capable of and try a few easy test-runs before tackling any trails. Make adjustments as needed, and be sure that your Buick or GMC truck has up-to-date OEM parts.

Find the Right Off-Roading Truck at Riverside Buick GMC

Get ready for your off-roading adventure with an off-road capable truck from Riverside Buick GMC. Contact us or visit us at Riverside Buick GMC to test drive and learn about financing your next pickup truck!

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